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What makes this pouffe so beautiful? Just like the Park Lane bed, you can’t ignore the striking button detailing that decorates the top of this beautifully upholstered pouffe. Each individual button is embossed boldly within the cushioned material, providing neat and bold lines of luxurious decoration. The pouffe is simply breath taking in its appearance, if you possess seemingly good taste and are confident about style, you will fall head over heels for this extravagant piece of furniture. We all know you’ve found what you’re looking for, this is the perfect centerpiece for any room in your home, and you know it! Last but not least, the pouffe can be upholstered in a large selection of our elite fabrics to ensure a luxurious fabric finish. This softness is then contrasted stunningly by the inclusion of four wooden feet. Dimensions

Diameter 84 cm ( 33 inches )

Height including the legs from the floor to the top 53 cm ( 21 inches )

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Customer 25/04/2019

Good product! Thank you very much

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