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Kensington Bed


Bedframe Length:
Bedframe Width:
Headboard Height:
Footboard Height:

Black Chenille

Black Velvet

Bluestone Velvet

Brown Chenille

Charcoal Chenille

Cream Chenille

Ivory Velvet

Linoso charcoal

Linoso Chocolate

Linoso Duck Egg

Linoso Sand

Linoso Slate

Mink Chenille

Mulberry Velvet

Silver Chenille

Silver Velvet

Teal Chenille

Truffle Velvet

A bed that oozes class! You need to have it! The Kensington Bed is sure to make a bold statement of luxury in any bedroom. The impressive design makes it the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom, with timeless and contemporary upholstery to complement all bedroom colour schemes. Think comfort, support and a modern aesthetic that simply will not age – this bed has it all. The Kensington Bed showcases an incredibly modern exterior with luxurious touches for a unique and stylish bed frame. The high headboard adds a sense of security to your sleeping space and is sure to attract endless compliments from envious guests, with elegant crystal detailing and the stylish winged structure combining for the perfect bedroom aesthetic. You simply cannot go wrong with this bed; it’ll add a touch of modern glamour to all bedrooms. Crafted from only materials of the highest quality and standing proudly on durable chrome, the Kensington Bed goes the extra mile for a long lifespan to provide endless nights of comfort and style. Built for comfort, the Kensington Bed boasts a patterned headboard and footboard for extra support and a support base that provides extra stability, an even sleeping surface with a natural bounce, allowing your mattress to survive a couple more years than you’d expect as well! In addition to this, this bed has the added advantage of an under-mattress storage space. This can be used to store your goods away long term, especially for belongings you don’t require daily, creating a solution to storage problems in many bedrooms. The entire bed frame can be upholstered in a large selection of our elite fabrics to ensure a luxurious fabric finish. Like we first said, you need to have it!


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