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Park Lane Bed


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Black Velvet

Bluestone Velvet

Brown Velvet

Burgundy Velvet

Manhattan Black

Manhattan Buttercup

Manhattan Purpul

Manhattan Silver

Sand Velvet

Silver Velvet

What makes this bed so beautiful? Well firstly you cannot ignore the striking button detailing that decorates both the headboard and foot-end. Each individual button is embossed boldly within the cushioned material, providing neat and bold lines of luxurious decoration. The ends are both rolled too, taking influence from the traditional scroll sleigh bed design. This further highlights the level of detail within this magnificent bed frame. The Park Lane bed is simply breath taking in its appearance, if you possess seemingly good taste and are confident about style, you will fall head over heels for this beautiful bed. Thinking of treating yourself to a brand-new bed that is extravagant and ridiculously comfortable? Well you can call off the search now – you’ve certainly found it! This is the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom, and you know it! No expense has been spared when it comes to providing absolute comfort either. The support base provides extra stability an even sleeping surface and a natural bounce, allowing your mattress to survive a couple more years than you’d expect! In addition to this, our Park Lane bed has the added advantage of an under-mattress storage space, it’s perfect for storing goods away long term. Finally, the entire bed can be upholstered in a large selection of our elite fabrics to ensure a luxurious fabric finish. This softness is then contrasted stunningly by the inclusion of four chrome feet.


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