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Windsor Bed

Black Chenille

Black Velvet

Bluestone Velvet

Burgundy Chenille

Charcoal Chenille

Cream Chenille

Ivory Velvet

Malia Tumeric

Mink Chenille

Silver Chenille

Silver Velvet

Teal Chenille

Looking to create a new masterpiece for your bedroom? Simply adding this glamorous bed to your bedroom will transform it into a theme of complete modern style. The Windsor bed oozes style and class. The Windsor bed is a contemporary and modern design that not only looks great but has the practicality of under mattress storage. This can be used to store your goods away long term, especially for belongings you don’t require daily, creating a solution to storage problems in many bedrooms. Built for comfort, the Windsor Bed boasts a padded patterned scroll headboard and a plain scroll footboard which makes the headboard stand out even more! This extraordinary bed frame has a support base that provides extra stability, has an even sleeping surface with a natural bounce, allowing your mattress to survive a couple more years than you’d expect. Complete with chrome to lift your bed off the ground, the Windsor bed can be upholstered in a large selection of our elite fabrics to ensure a sophisticated fabric finish. The entire bed frame can be upholstered in a large selection of our elite fabrics to ensure a luxurious fabric finish. 97,235,125,66 127,235,125,66 143,235,125,66 160,241,125,66 190,241,125,66


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